Exterior Hand Wash

Exterior Hand Wash?

Exterior Hand Wash is a car washing service that involves the use of a gentle, non-abrasive hand wash to clean the exterior of a car. This service is typically offered at hand car wash facilities like All Season Hand Car Wash.

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During an Exterior Hand Wash, a professional car detailer will use a soft wash mitt, along with high-quality car wash soap and water, to gently clean the car’s exterior. They will carefully wash every part of the car, including the paint, windows, wheels, and tires. They may also use specialized tools, such as a microfiber towel, to ensure that the car is thoroughly cleaned without scratching the paint.

The benefits of an Exterior Hand Wash include a more thorough and gentle cleaning compared to automatic car washes, which can sometimes leave scratches or swirl marks on the car’s paint. Additionally, a hand wash allows detailers to pay closer attention to specific areas of the car that may require extra cleaning, such as the front grill or the rims.

Overall, an Exterior Hand Wash is a great way to keep your car’s exterior looking clean and well-maintained, while also protecting the paint and other surfaces from damage. It’s an essential service that can help to extend the life of your car and maintain its value over time